About Us

Founded in April of 2015 and based in Singapore, Seafront Media has a focus on nurturing online video-streaming platforms. Seafront Media has a dedicated team that deliver online video-streaming platforms to an audience in Southeast Asia and North America.

We are an amalgamation of media, technology and marketing in these exciting times. Join us on the journey in this world of dynamic content together with other global content creators and distributors.

Our content mix has the best of city romance, variety, war blockbuster productions from Mainland China of over 10,000 hours. Providing international viewers with a multitude of entertainment choices with high-definition videos is key in our company core values.


To Build Asia’s Digital Entertainment Choices. To reach this goal, we rely on a team of talents to design and build entertainment options that users love.


Focus on Online Users – The main priority of Seafront Media is to find out what type of content makes a specific demographic of online users excited, and tune video-streaming products to the needs of the audience.

Impact and Quick-Learning – In the world of fast-moving digital and content trends, Seafront Media moves quickly to adapting to what online users love and what resources we can adopt to meet these changes.